Landscape maintenance, Design and Planting

​Tree Service

Moffett Landscaping Professional Landscape offer affordable tree service.  Our focus is delivering a professional quality tree removal service with quality and responsive customre care.  We are Licenced and Insured.  We offer quick estimates to both home owners and business owners.


Whether to beautify and enhance your property investment, or to remove danger created by hollow ro fallen trees, it may be time for your tree(s) to be removed.  Moffett Landscaping provide tree removal, stump grinding and removal.  All debris will be removed and your lawn will be throughly cleaned up before we leave the property.

Storm Damage

Damage to a property during severe weather occurs when limbs or trees fall.  High winds and saturated soil conditions typical of summer storms can cause tree roots to fall and brances to weaken.  During winter, the weight of ice and snow accumulation can be equally damaging, resulting in failure to branches and entire trees.  None of this is easy for a homeowner.  Moffett Landscaping offers pre-storm recommendations to potentially reduce the risk of damage before harsh weather occurs.