Landscape maintenance, Design and Planting


Weeds create an unsightly appearance in any yard.  They rob nutrients and life giving moisture from the soil.  They crowd good plants, killing them off in the process.  No one wants and unkempt looking yard. 

Moffett Landscaping offers weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly weeding and pruning services.  Our goal is to cater a schedule to meet the clients needs.    Whether you choose to have a simple weeding or whether you want an upgraded service level where we can clean and improve bed edges, tree rings, touch-up and freshen mulch were desired, deadhead flowering perennials, annuals and shrubs.  spray hardscape for crack weeds and remove debris and branches from beds.


Proper pruning of shrubs allow the plants to flourish and not overgrow.  Diseases and pests are kept under control by the removal of dying branches and increasing airflow.

Moffett Landscaping suggests seasonal pruning 2 - 3 times per season.  Early, mid, and late Summer depending on the type of flowering shrub or evergreen.  Call us today to discuss your  needs.